Awkward and Awesome


The long lines at the post office this time of the year. Don't even bother going unless you plan on standing behind and in front of impatient, rude and sometimes funny smelling people.

Dreams that feel like reality. Lately I've been having these dreams that cause me to wake up and believe that whatever I was dreaming about was actually happening. Also -- crying in your dream and then waking up with a damp pillow. F r e a k y

So much awkward in this photo..

Telling my dance students to take off their socks because I don't want them to slip and then almost taking a header myself. "But Miss Nikki, you're wearing socks.." Yes, well I am the teacher so I can wear my socks. Ha. Jokes on me.


She's definitely my cat. Knows that nothing is better than a cozy, warm bed.

I am thisclose to having my handmade items in a store! Ballet bun covers to be exact. They will be available in this local dance store very, very soon! I couldn't be happier.

Shopping for my maid of honor dress on Friday. Super excited I can hardly sit still.

Helping best friend paint her new house. Bonding over pizza, tired arms and paint fumes = a pretty good time.

Jimmy Kimmel and his terribly cruel Christmas present challenge. It's wrong, I know but come on.. you have to admit.. you laughed so hard you couldn't breath.

Happy Thursday.. what are your awkwards and awesomes for the week?! Link up here!

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Congrats on your progress with possibly getting your ballet buns into a boutique, what an exciting step for you! Best of luck.


I'm hosting a vintage dress GIVEAWAY on my blog, I hope you will stop by! (Its the third post down.)