Awkward & Awesome


A w k w a r d :
1. Congestion + doing anything really. Being sick and having no power is something I could go the rest of my life without. It's like a double dose of miserable.
2. Realizing that my black leggings are somewhat see-through AFTER I leave the house. And deciding that it's okay cause one: I'm running late and two: I'm just going to teach dance, so what's the harm?!
3. Riding my bike two feet up the road and having the chain fall off.
4. Parent Observation Week at the dance studio. Talk about pressure. The whole point is so the parents can see how their kids act in class. However, my students act completely different when their parents are in the room.
5. Major snow storms in October.
6. Eating baby carrots and pasta salad for dinner because honestly.. it's 9:00pm and really, I just don't have the energy to make anything better.
7. Pulling an inner-thigh muscle. Talk about a serious waddle going on.
8. The amount of time since my last A&A post. Yup. I'm a slacker.
9. Having three links in the Awesome section.. seesh.
10. Bath time in the Zaccari household about 18 years ago.. Probably one of my most favorite memories. Loved those gosh darn foam letters. They would stick to anything. Including my bald, baby sister's head.

A w e s o m e :
1. Worms and dirt birthday cake and chocolate cherry cake. In. The. Same. Day.
2. Watching my students do improvisation. Seeing them grow more confident and free spirited with their movement. I have the most rewarding job in the world.
3. Being a November Sponsor on this lovely lady's blog! Go visit her.. and become a sponsor. She's my favorite. And my best bud.
4. Getting the logistics in order for my business. Hopefully I will have some of my jewelry in stores soon!
5. Boyfriend's face as he opened his Birthday gifts!
7. Having a mug of steaming hot pumpkin coffee delivered to me in bed. Cause even if I don't drink it right away, he knows I like the smell of it ; )
8. Productive and fun Sundays! Winterizing our garden, hanging photos around the house, chatting and visiting with family.
9. This SNL skit (sorry Kardashian fans. I really just couldn't help myself.)
10. It's Thursday. Which means almost Friday.. which is close to Sunday.. which is my favorite day of the week!

Happy Thursday!

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Lost&Found said...

There is SO many things about this post that I LOVE!!! For example, your black leggings. I've had the same thing happen to me, but I was not going to teach dance- I was definitely going to class that required flights of stairs to climb to get to. The people behind me definitely got a good view of my bum. And, I totally had those foam letters growing up. They were a BLAST! And I have to agree, worms and dirt cake and pumpkin coffee are awesome!

Love your blog! I'm a new follower!