There's always something to be thankful for.


And this week, it's my students.

Dance students to be exact {in case you missed that}. Tuesday was the start of the most tiring, rewarding and exciting part of year. All summer long, I look forward to September. New faces, a regular schedule, creating choreography, and watching the little brains of my three year olds tick, as they try to decide which is their right leg and which is their left. And then by November, I'm looking forward to June.

I'm teaching double {!} the number of classes that I was last year. That's twelve hour-long classes a week people. With both boys and girls from ages two to seventeen. I'm over the moon thrilled, but also preparing myself for the achy brain, stiff body and days when I want to rip my hair out -- which is bound to happen at least once. A room full of 2-5 year olds + Saturday 9:00am + only half a cup of coffee -- you get the idea.

Putting the ripping of the hair aside, I really enjoy their snotty noses and their never ending stories about princesses. They always surprise me with their energy, and there's nothing more rewarding than watching them improve over those ten months and to seeing their satisfied smiles.

I'm so fortunate be doing what I love almost every day. Which in turn, gives the world, millions of little youngins who know how to shake their cutie patooties. Oh yeah, and how to do pirouettes and stuff too. Aren't you lucky!

I have the most rewarding job in the entire world. I would change it for anything.


{After reading this post, I realize that it sounds like I only feel this way when teaching my little munchkins. Let me just say that this applies to all my students. Frankly, I chose to talk about my little kids for entertainment purposes only.}

Enjoy your weekend!

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Lela said...

It's so important to remember there is always something to be grateful for, and that sometimes the things that stress us ARE our blessings.