My attempt at Vlogging Vednesday..


Not only does my first vlog kinda suck, but my "How to" doesn't exactly.. do.

By the way..
It's ten minutes long.
The first four are somewhat entertaining.
I won't feel bad if you hit stop and unfollow me.
I'll be a little sad, but you won't offend me..
I would unfollow me too.

(The beginning is really awkward because of the dramatic pause that my webcam likes to take..)
Attractive freeze frame.
I know!

How To.. Get Your Cat To Do A Back Flip

Vloggin' Vednesdays

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Meg said...

I thought this was really funny, especially the dramatic pause. How awkward! The cat running into the TV, etc, was also very funny. And of course, unlike a dog, she's just not doing what you're telling her to do. I am always trying to get my cat to do stuff, and most of the time she'll just look at me like "Are you kidding me lady?" Hahaha.

Great vlog!! I watched the whole thing. :) I'll note I watched it in increments over the course of two hours. My children were driving me up the wall.