It's cold out. I'm cold. I have a cold. Let's cuddle.


In celebration of a productive week, I'm taking the last smidge of time before the weekend starts to relax.
I know! I know! Isn't that what weekends are for? 
Ha ha. Silly followers. 

Let me tell you, that in "Dance 101" weekend is loosely translated to more time for rehearsals and teaching.
Didn't you know that? It's okay if you didn't. I forgive you.
You were probably out that day.

So since this weekend will be 95% dancing, 15% sleeping and 5% social life - I'm desperate for time to regain some strength, both mental and physical, and some serious patience. I have a class of 2 - 4 year olds on Saturday mornings. Their Mommas and Daddies jump for joy with their one free hour of life. You would need patience too!

On top of just being completely exhausted, boyfriend and I are fighting this nasty cold thing. Lemme tell ya. Not attractive. If we can survive the brutal mucus and coughing, Sunday we are taking a trip to IKEA (Never been? You. Must. Go. NOW!) because we still don't have dining room chairs and we are deciding to sacrifice our Sunday "hang out on the couch time" for the trip. It will only be worth it if we come back with something, anything necessary and useful. Otherwise, queue grumpy Nicole. And the world will end because "we gave up precious weekend lounge time for nothing!" 

Okay. That might have been a little dramatic for me. But it could happen.
Just sayin'.

 kitty cuddle time = best thing ever

[Except, the banana peanut butter woopie pies that Gram made. They're pretty awesome too!]

Happy Friday Friends!


Anonymous said...

ikea is lovely. its like a giant house really. have a blast. hope you come home with something beautiful and suitable. as for 'wasting precious lounging time' id be devasted too so dont feel bad. but its still qt with eachother. enjoy your weekend, be sure to make time to close your eyes and take a deep breath in. smile too!
ps. gram makes the best snacks =]

Kelly said...

The title of this post made my life. It sounds just like something I'd say - "It's cold out! I'm cold! I have a cold! Let's cuddle! You have to cuddle with me, I'm cooooolllllddd."