Week four - in an organized list form..


cause that's the way I am.
And lists make me happy:

Ballet is still a little irritating.
However, Mr. Atwood's animated personality as well as his ability to sing in a combre back, continues to keep me thoroughly entertained.
Dunham still makes me cry [Not exaggerating. I'm super discreet].
The thirteen-sixteen year old dancers in my class still don't have spacial awareness.
Body conditioning is relaxing & Mrs. Amos's witty comments make me smile.
Our apartment is so much cooler than three weeks ago. We turn the AC once in a while.
The television has a cord now so we can at least watch movies.
Speaking of movies, we went to a thrift store today and I bought "Top Gun" on VHS for $.50!
I also bought "Hairspray" on DVD for $3.00!
West African is so much fun, but when it's 3:00 and time for class I'm so exhausted.
Sometimes it's a piece of cake to walk up the five flights of stairs. Most of the time it isn't.
However, the fourteen block walk [sometimes sprint] to and from Ailey is easier now, and considered a separate workout in our book.
I love exploring The City, and yes, sometimes Union City for new/interesting places to eat and shop!
I can't stop thinking about how delicious the tea & goodies from Alice's Tea Cup were.
I want to go back real bad.
Too bad they don't deliver : (
It's hard to believe that we only have two weeks left of classes.
I'm excited to perform in the show. Although everyone is clueless as to whether or not we have classes that day and what time rehearsals are.
I miss my family.
I miss Western Mass.
I miss my kitty Amber!
We've spotted a black & white kitten hanging around our apartment a couple times and are tempted to take him & love him since he seems lonely.
I surprisingly still have money in my account [I thought for sure I'd be in the negative by now].
I've been getting really excited that 1) I don't have to go back to school, and 2) I have a job doing what I love!
We've seen famous faces while at Ailey [Company members galore & Judith Jamison]!!!!!!!
I really love cold showers & usually take two a day. It's the only faucet in the apartment that doesn't constantly produce hot water.
Frozen grapes are SO good.
Thankfully, we haven't missed a bus or dance class since that day during our first week.
We've only gotten caught in the pouring rain once or twice, and it was after class so we really didn't care that we got wet.
I feel really old when dancers in the class talk about how they are going to be Juniors or Seniors in High School!
I'm still shocked that I am dancing at Alvin Ailey.

I am so blessed and thankful to my family & friends for supporting me in every way possible. You will never know how grateful I am & always will be for this experience. I love you all!


Things I want to do in the next two weeks:

Go to "Carlo's Bakery" [from Cake Boss on TLC] it's in Hoboken NJ, which is the town over from us!
Go to a Yankee's game!
Visit The Museum of Natural History because I know that I'll love it!
Take a trip to see our friend Mary Elizabeth who lives in Battery Park & see Ground Zero.

[I apologize for the list form. It makes me feel organized, and when I'm really tired and try to blog, I end up blabbing or forgetting what I wanted to say]

I really love this quote!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. It will be over before we know it.
15 days till I get to see all of your beautiful faces again!


Alivia said...

Hello, Friend!
I just want to say thank you for supporting me through my almost-quarter life crises. Continually, since it seems to be ongoing.
I can't wait to dance with you onstage at Ailey & then all the time with Eclipse!!!

alyssa lynn said...

nicole! i totally messaged alivia about you guys going to carlos bakery! is that where you got the idea?! please please please, let me know how it is :) and feel free to send some pastries my way! so happy to see you guys are finally adjusted to being down there and you are taking everything about that experience in<3